Reliability is the difference

The relationships we have with our clients and the trust they place in us to provide quality, correctly graded equipment on a reliable and regular basis enables us to maintain regular supply. As a result, our inventory is handled in a similar way to the sale of new equipment, rather than through brokers or auction houses.

Charlo Carabott

Delivering an alternative to help solve the problems in today's handset market amounts to moving away from an unmoderated auction model where quality, reliability, honesty and openness are taking second place to highest achievable price. Our model is based on reliability, trust, accuracy, market protection and value for money for clients and networks alike.

At Ventura we're committed to working at both ends of the supply chain in order to deliver benefit. Since our launch in 2003 I have personally seen many clients around the globe who, through their partnership with Ventura, have experienced significant growth through the reliability and predictability of handset supply. 2005 has seen these relationships grow even stronger.

With our growing access to handsets ready for export across the globe I invite you to contact Ventura and find out how you can take advantage of Ventura's unique approach to the handset supply chain.