At Ventura we rely on global industry handset experience, network and manufacturing knowledge and innovative grading processes to help our global customers move forward. Our difference is your reliability.

The mobile phone industry evolves at a phenomenal rate, new product development and technologies are constantly being displaced by even newer technology. Products quickly become obsolete and excess is unavoidable.

To avoid channel conflict, competition or warranty issues, disposal outside of existing channels is often the answer for networks and manufacturers.

We purchase and hold stock direct from the networks, manufacturers and repair centres. We pride ourselves on our unique grading and testing QA processes, ensuring that our clients receive the promised quality of product. We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than purchasing one grade of handset and receiving another. This is where we are different. We develop long term global export relationships and pride ourselves on reliability and accuracy.

Our key aim is to be competitive whilst maintaining a high standard of service. Our clients value our honesty, accuracy and reliability of supply and this enables them to focus on growing their businesses.

To find out more about our range of handset products ready for dispatch and delivery, choose from the following options:

2nd User Handsets 2nd User Handsets
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Graded Return Handsetss Graded Return Handsets
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New / End of Line Handsets New / End of Line Handsets
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B.E.R Handsets B.E.R Handsets
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